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Royal pictures. Art for the home stock photos of oil paintings.

Photos of pictures of Medieval coiffure and ruffles of Queens and aristocracy.

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Photo gallery showing 30 pictures of medieval portraits ladies, coiffure, ruffles, puffs and costumes.View online slideshow, or download PowerPoint presentation art for home or download / view canvas oil portraits trough thumbs on the right.
Medieval music by Angela & Jeff van Dyck - We are all one.

Castles around world.

24 pictures of castles in Scotland, Irland, England, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Czech Republic and Rockland.
Check your knowledge about castles and medieval age.

Photos of castles of France

France got a very large and rich heritage from medieval age. This cultural richness is well represented on hundred of castles over all France.
30 Pictures of French castles. Download Powerpoint presentation.

Short summary:

 Medieval pics of kings and queens. Images of queens and kings. Pictures of medieval hairstyles.

The history of kingdoms in Europe, covers so many and so diversified facts, that just imagine begin tell some of anyone of the king's life or Kingdom history would be a meaningless boldness.
For those that want know more about this matter I suggest take a look to Timo Website (takes a little long to open) where you can find a lot of links for dynasties, kings, kingdoms, countries and developments in medieval history.

This page is only a sample pictures stock photos of queens and aristocracy in European medieval age focused on hair style. Enjoy this brief sample pictures summary.

As the fashion goes and comes, here are some samples to give ideas about long hair styles that was on top fashion by medieval age.
Skilled haircut and hairstyle salons of course are prepared to your wedding or other special moments where your hair counts as very important part of your image.



Pictures of Queens and hairstyle.
Queens oil canvas.

01-isabela-clara-eugenia.jpg (101942 bytes) Isabella Clara Eugenia with Magdalena Ruiz by Sanchez Coello.
isabella-of-portugal-year-1445.jpg (83075 bytes) 1445 -1450 Isabella of Portugal painted by Rogier van der Weyden. The first skinhead woman!!!
elisabeth-of-york-year-1530.jpg (63493 bytes) 1530 - Elizabeth of York.
lady-germany-year-1533.jpg (69329 bytes) 1533 Lady by Agnolo Bronzino (Stadelsches Kunstinstitut, Frankfurt Germany).
lucrezia-panciatichi-year-1540.jpg (101707 bytes) 1540 Lucrezia Panciatichi by Agnolo Bronzino (Uffizi) painter.
lady-margaret-butts-year-1543.jpg (113466 bytes) 1543 Lady Margaret Butts by Hans Holbein the Younger.
mary-28-years-age-1544-year.jpg (102922 bytes) 1544 Mary at the age of 28 by Master John
empress-isabel-year-1548.jpg (185389 bytes) 1548 Empress Isabel by Titian (Prado). Brown braiding long hairstyle.
eleonora-of-toledo-year-1550.jpg (102763 bytes) 1550 Eleonora de Toledo by Bronzino (Uffizi) painter artist.
maria-of-medici-year-1551.jpg (113070 bytes) 1551 Maria de Medici by Bronzino (Uffizi).
mary-tudor-year-1554.jpg (103537 bytes) 1554 - Mary Tudor by Antonis Mor (Prado).
elisabeth--valois-year-1568.jpg (58752 bytes) 1568 - Elisabeth de Valois.
madeleine-le-clerk-du-fremblay-by-clouet-year-1570.jpg (102551 bytes) 1570 Madeleine le Clerc du Tremblay by Clouet.
year-1570-clelia-farnese.jpg (130493 bytes) 1570 - Clelia Farnese by Jacopo Zucchi
infanta-isabella-clara-eugenia-year-1579.jpg (154156 bytes) 1579 Infanta Isabella Clara Eugenia by Sanchez Coello.
grand-duchess-bianca-capello-medici-year-1580.jpg (84437 bytes) 1580 -1614 Grand Duchess Bianca Capello de Medici with her son by Lavinia Fontana.
court-lady-year-1590.jpg (194368 bytes) 1590 - Court Lady by Lavinia Fontana (Philip Mould). Friz long curly brown hair.
eleonora-of-toledo-face-portrait-in-1550.jpg (25604 bytes) Eleonora Toledo face portrait.
isabel-clara-eugenia-year-1598.jpg (1046724 bytes) 1598 Isabel Clara Eugenia by Juan Pantoja de la Cruz.
queen-elisabeth-portrait.jpg (349245 bytes) Portrait of Queen Elizabeth by George Gower artist painter.
cate-blanchett-vs-queen-elisabeth.jpg (166809 bytes) Elizabeth, the Golden Age vs Cate Blanchett actress. Curly blond haircut with a white panache.
mary-stuart-face-portrait.jpg (199407 bytes) Mary Stuart face.
katharine-parre.jpg (160540 bytes) Katherine Parre.
elizabeth-of-bohemia-year-1623.jpg (195712 bytes) 1623 Elizabeth of Bohemia by Jansz. van Miereveldt.
infanta-margarida-teresa-espana-year-1662.jpg (80304 bytes) 1662 -1664 Infanta Margarita Teresa de España / Spain, Empress of Austria. Blond and long hairstyle.
maria-cristina-year-1830.jpg (128962 bytes) 1830 Maria Cristina by Lopez y Portana head and face. A very voluminous hair style.
catherine-de-medicis-france.jpg (62324 bytes) Catherine de Médicis, Reine de France painted by Tito di Santi.
madame-palatine-year-1719.jpg (102858 bytes) 1719 - Madame Palatine by Hyacinthe Rigaud (Versailles).
queen-mary-of-england-figurine.jpg (193321 bytes) Queen Mary of England figurine.

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